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G-Force Super Sport A/S

Features and Benefits

The tire that means business, even in the toughest conditions. What it is: The g-Force Super Sport A/S offers year round, balanced performance for drivers who demand genuine all-season traction capability, and sport handling control without compromise, by delivering an outstanding blend of wet and dry traction, genuine snow mobility, a smooth quiet ride, excellent wear life potential, with modern, cutting edge tread design and sidewall styling. Who it's for: Drivers who demand genuine all-season traction capability with no-compromise wet and dry sport handling control.


Modern, cutting edge, directional tread design and sidewall styling with 'V-Shift' noise reduction

Continuous center rib with rigid tapered lateral voids and tread block reinforcement

Flat-Oval footprint

Maxi-Sipe Technology combined with Snow-Hooks tread blocks

Dimensionally stable polyester carcass ply


New PRETEC System � (Precision Tension Containment System)
Tapered mold shoulder profile combined with three, next generation, Multi-Grip-Tread-Technology compounds

High modulus, Profiled, Sub-Tread Layer stabilization

High modulus, g-Control � Sidewall Inserts

Two full-width steel belts

Rim Protector

Deep, wide circumferential grooves and radically swept back Aqua Chute lateral grooves


Enhanced vehicle appearance, combined with low road noise generation, excellent wear life potential with UTQG Treadwear = 400, and all season M+S capability

Superb steering response, and excellent on-center road feel which aids exceptional handling control and straight line stability even at high speeds

Enhanced wet grip in shallow water depths, contributes to excellent treadwear potential for an ultra-high performance tire

Maximized sipe density with optimized center groove offset design and hook shaped tread blocks for enhanced light snow traction, combined with tread block tapering and reinforcement, significantly enhance snow traction capability while maintaining wet and dry handling sport performance capability; M&S rated

Excellent carcass strength- even at higher operating temperatures- with a smooth ride

A combination of three different, next generation, high content Silica and Black-Tech tread compounds, placed side by side across the face of the tread. Each tread compound is highly optimized for either wet, dry or snow traction which provides balanced, year round, genuine all-season traction capability with an outstanding blend of wet and dry traction, genuine light snow mobility and sport handling control in all weather conditions with a UTQG wet traction 'AA' grade. It's like having three tires in one.

Precise placement of a continuous, single strand, spiral wrapped, aramid fiber reinforcement directly under the tread provides excellent strength, durability, a consistent footprint shape with maximized tread contact area under high-speed conditions- while providing a W speed rating for speeds up to 168 mph with increased resistance to flat-spotting

Predictable grip character in all weather conditions that's forgiving and confidence inspiring at the grip limit due to improved progressivity and predictability at the limit of adhesion

A profiled sub-tread layer stabilizes the shoulder tread blocks for no compromise, best in-class dry handling performance with improved regular wear profile potential

Generate tremendous cornering force and helps provide crisp, sharp steering response and sport handling control by resisting lateral deflection

The tread crown area is strengthened longitudinally and laterally to reduce tread distorting under acceleration, braking and cornering force loads which improves wear life potential and durability

Improved wheel damage protection

Enhanced water evacuation at speed to reduce hydroplaning tendency which provides confident wet traction even in deep water situations

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